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Ben Adret

For Contemporary Jewish Thought


Past sessions

Catedra Ben Adret for Contemporary Jewish Thought invites leading thinkers from around the Jewish world to address crucial questions and challenges facing Jewish society and culture in our time.

The Catedra sessions will be conducted with the participation of a dedicated study group at the Beit Midrash for Jewish Thought of Barcelona as well as a webinar format for registered participants.

Themes 2023-2025:

  • The Idea of Sefarad - On Sephardic Identities, Heritage and futures.

  • Jewish Europe - Challenges and vocations of Jewish Culture in (pan)European society.

  • Jews in the Anthropocene - a cultural response to the environmental crisis.

  • Israel Political Theology - the state of Israel and the Jewish world.

  • In a different voice - Gender and the futures of Jewish thought.



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February 22, 2024. 18:00 Spain

Meir Buzaglo: 

“Sephardi heritage and contemporary questions”


Prof. Meir Buzaglo is the Head of the department of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The areas he researches include the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of physics, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of Judaism.

Among Dr. Buzaglo’s fields of interest are the Philosophy of Maimonides and Solomon Maimon. A son of R. David Buzaglo, one of the greatest Moroccan Jews composers and performer of pyyutim, Dr. Buzaglo, a member of Avi Chai Foundation, is active in the rejuvenation of that musical tradition. He is chairman of “Tikun” Movement for the renewal of society and culture in Israel.

Session in English

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February 29, 2024. 18:00 Spain

David Ohana:

“On Myth and Political Theology in the Holy Land”


David Ohana is a Professor of Modern European History specializing in comparative national mythologies. He has been affiliated with institutions such as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Paris-Sorbonne, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley. Currently, he teaches at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and holds the position of Senior Fellow at the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism.

Since 2000, Prof. Ohana has been a fellow at the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism while also teaching at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In 2005, he founded the "Inter-disciplinary Seminar for Post-doctorates from all Israeli Universities" and served as its academic director.

Session in English

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Catedra Ben Adret


for contemporary Jewish thought


January 8th, 2023

The Life and Thought of

Shlomo ben Adret

 Guest Scholar: Prof. Moshe Halbertal

 The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-19 at 18_edited_edited.jpg

Illustration: Rosemary Liss, Shulhan Shel Arba

Illustration: Rosemary Liss, Shulhan Shel Arba

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