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Our Programs


Semestral courses which delve into the foundational principles of Jewish thought and philosophy from ancient times to the present.

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LABA brings together local artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to study classical Jewish texts, experiment, and explore Jewish art and culture.

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 The Girona International Research Workshop focuses on exploring the prominent Kabbalah traditions of the region with a scholarly approach.

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Academic sessions in which we invite leading thinkers to address crucial questions and challenges facing Jewish society and culture in our time.


 Interdisciplinary study program dedicated to the Sephardic branch of Jewish civilization, from its historical heritage to contemporary culture and politics.

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Examine the tech sector’s fraught relationship with age-old discrimination and hostility, and discuss how Jews and Gentiles alike can build a more inclusive world.


Modern Hebrew classes


The project aims to offer various activities of Piyut study (textual and musical) and group singing, open for all communities in the city.

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