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LABA BCN brings together artists from all backgrounds and disciplines to study classical Jewish texts, experiment, and explore the futures of Jewish art and culture.

LABA BCN offers an annual creative fellowship program for up to 10 artists. We invite professional culture-makers from a variety of disciplines, including visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors and more, to study from Judaism's rich literary and intellectual traditions in a free and creative setting so that these fertile ideas and stories spark new thoughts and creative work. The outputs from our laboratory push the boundaries of what Jewish culture can be and what Jewish texts can teach.

Located in Casa Adret (Calle Salomo ben Adret n.6) in the heart of Barcelona’s medieval Jewish quarter, LABA BCN is dedicated to the renewal of Jewish Culture in Barcelona, and to introducing local Jewish art as a contemporary creative factor in Barcelona’s cultural life.

LABA BCN is part of an international network of LABAs: New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and San Francisco Bay.

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