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The Piyut Project


Piyut (plural: Piyutim) is a Jewish liturgical poem and an ancient form of Jewish art that combines sacred poetic texts with melodies. Piyutim are designated to be sung during religious services or celebrations.

Piyutim are intricate wordplay, drawing inspiration from biblical verses, rabbinic and Kabbalah literature. They are renowned for their profound theological themes, mystical imagery, and connection to the liturgical calendar. These poems are composed in various meters and rhyme schemes, showcasing the poet's mastery of the Hebrew language and poetic devices.

The Piyut traditions not only preserves the religious and cultural heritage of the Jewish people but also serves as a means of expressing devotion, gratitude, and introspection. It allows Jewish communities to connect with their spiritual roots.

The art of Piyut has enormous potential as a communal activity of text study and group singing, attracting a variety of audiences, including women and men, adults and youth, religious and secular individuals, as well as Ashkenazim and Sephardim/Mizrahim.

The Barcelona Piyut Project aims to establish a consistent communal activity of Piyut study (textual and musical) and group singing, open for all communities in the city.

The first pilot is intended to take place in 2024, with the cooperation of the Kehilot-Sharot Jerusalem organization. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates.


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