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The Sefarad Seminar

On the Sephardic branch of Jewish civilization: Culture, Thought and Identity


The Sefarad Seminar is an intensive interdisciplinary study program dedicated to the Sephardic branch of Jewish civilization, from its historical heritage to contemporary culture and politics.

The Sephardic tradition and thought are studied as a valuable source, offering unique insights into the questions and challenges of our time.

The Sefarad Seminar curriculum extends from an interdisciplinary study of Sephardic cultural treasures of medieval Spain (philosophy, theology, poetry, arts, sciences, languages, and folklore), through the global distribution of the Sephardic diaspora (the Mediterranean, the Near East, the Balkans, the Americas and Israel), to present-day Sephardic culture and politics.

The Seminar curriculum offers a critical exposure to the forefront of contemporary Sephardic thought and research, and an engagement with key questions regarding the vocations of Jewish/Sephardic Heritage in today's (European) society.

The Sefarad Seminar will be held at Casa Adret, Barcelona with study visits to relevant historic and cultural sites. The seminar is intended for up to 20 participants, Jews and non-Jews, who are active in the field of cultural heritage (academics, community activists, educators, touristic guides, etc.).

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