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Beit Midrash ("House of Study" in Hebrew) is the traditional Jewish space for learning, a practice of textual interpretation that is, in itself, a religious commandment.

Jewish thought is the process through which Judaism, throughout history, re-examines and re-defines its fundamental beliefs and worldviews, re-exploring questions such as the nature of God, the essence of humanity, and the appropriate attitudes towards others and nature.

This ongoing, reflective, and philosophical process often emerges during times of historical crisis or when Jewish life encounters theological or philosophical challenges by other traditions and religions. Jewish thought is therefore the sphere of discourse and debate, engaging with Greek philosophy, Christianity, Islam, modern thought, science, as well as with the political realities of our time.

Beit Midrash Barcelona offers a systematic and comprehensive introduction to Jewish thought spanning from ancient times to the present. Through a critical interpretation of classical texts of the Jewish "bookshelf":Bible, Talmud, medieval philosophy, Kabbalah, Hasidut, modern and contemporary theory, the program delves into the foundational principles, philosophies, concepts, and debates that have shaped Jewish thought throughout history.

Beit Midrash Barcelona is directed by Ze'ev Maor, (PhD Philosophy) with the participation of guest scholars, local and international. The Seminar program consists of weekly sessions (2 hours each) divided in two consecutive semesters. Program sessions are held at Casa Adret in the old Jewish quarter of Barcelona (Calle Salomo ben Adret n.6).

  • No religious background or prior knowledge is required. 

  • Language of teaching: English (Catalan, Spanish, Hebrew friendly).

Application for spring semester 2024 is now open!
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