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Beit Midrash for Jewish Thought:

"Nine Talmudic Readings":
The Philosophical Midrash of Emmanuel Levinas

(Advanced studies)

Autumn Semester 2024 (September - December)



Thursdays 18:00 -20:00 at Casa Adret.


The "Nine Talmudic Readings" Program offers a profound and unique intersection of Jewish thought and contemporary philosophy. Through Emmanuel Levinas's reinterpretation of Talmudic issues, the program delves into a variety of contemporary conceptual dilemmas, from the "new economy" to "modern warfare," which are crucial questions for human society today.

 *Intended for students with a primary background in Jewish studies or philosophy

Beit Midrash Barcelona is directed by Dr. Ze'ev Maor, Head of the Institute for Jewish Studies Barcelona (EJB), with the participation of guest scholars, local and international.


Language of teaching: English (Catalan, Spanish, Hebrew friendly).

Start date: September 12, 2024, at Casa Adret.


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